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5 Tips for Keeping Your Pets Cool This Summer

Pets like warmer weather just like many humans do, especially if they’ve been cooped up inside the house all winter. Summer brings sunshine, increased activity, and a lot of opportunity for families to spend quality time together. Unfortunately, it also brings rapid spikes in temperature and high humidity levels. While these issues might not be much more than an inconvenience to us, they can be dangerous to furry pets that are unable to sweat or otherwise cool down. The following tips should make it easier to keep your cat or dog cool and comfortable this summer.

1. Water is a pet’s best friend. Cats and dogs cannot sweat to cool off. This means they must lower their body temperature by panting. Unfortunately, panting can quickly lead to dehydration if lost fluids are not replaced. Make certain your pet has plenty of clean drinking water available at all times during hot weather, especially during times of physical activity.

2. Your pet needs air. Never lock your pet in an enclosed cage or pen during the summer heat, and do not leave him inside a parked car for even a few minutes. Air does not circulate inside enclosed spaces, and temperatures can rise to life-threatening extremes within minutes.

3. Let him swim. If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors in the heat, fill a child’s pool with a few inches of cool water, place it in the shade, and let your pet splash around in it when he needs to cool off. Remember to change the water frequently and cool it off every day. Pets, especially dogs, also enjoy lakes and full-sized pools, but it is essential to enforce safety rules at all times. Even good swimmers can drown.

4. Make some shade, if necessary. If your yard is not naturally shady, plant some shade trees or provide some sort of temporary shelter for your pet. Mid-afternoon sun can cause burns and even skin cancer. A large sun umbrella works well for smaller animal and has the added benefit of being portable. An awning off the back of your house or overhanging your deck also works.

5. Groom your pet properly. Cutting off your pet’s hair during the summer is not always the coolest thing to do. In some cases, your pet’s coat may actually be providing insulation from the heat. It also helps protect against sunburn. Speak with your veterinarian about the best way to groom your pet during the summer.

This important information about summer safety for pets was provided by VetDepot, a trusted retailer of pet supplies and medication.

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