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~ Fun Summer Ideas For You And Your Family ~

Easy Summer Craft For Kids

My daughter made this one a few years ago at a Girl Scout summer camp . It was really cute and super easy. We still have it. 🙂

Flower Wreath:

Cut the center out of a paper plate to leave an “O” shape. This is the base of the wreath. You have some different options at this point. Your kids can draw and color flowers directly on the wreath using different color crayons. Or they can draw and color flowers on colored paper, cut out and then glue on the wreath. They can also cut out pictures of flowers from magazines (gardening magazines would be great for this) and glue them on the wreath.

A bow can be glued at the top if you want.
You can also punch a hole at the top and use yard to hang it up.

Have fun making your wreath!

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