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~ Fun Summer Ideas For You And Your Family ~

Jobs for Teens This Summer – Both Inside and Outdoors

School’s out and it’s time for fun in the sun, but how can a teen earn cash in a tough economy? There are still a multitude of job options available to teens this summer. Before suggesting a specific type of employment to your teen, or guiding them in any one direction, consider what they like. Do they enjoy being outdoors, or indoors? Does the heat make them sweat, or glow? Do they prefer to wear hip clothing or the same uniform every day? Are they people oriented or just plain shy?

Inside Summer Jobs
There are some fabulous job options for teens today. Social teens who love the great-indoors might avoid working outside as a landscaper, or lifeguard for the summer, and instead opt-in to a job of a different type.

Indoor based teens tend to enjoy working in retail stores. Consider which one is their favorite and encourage them to apply. Some teens really enjoy being around food, in which case a job at a restaurant as a greeter, junior chef, a server, or even flipping burgers at a fast food chain might provide cash and enjoyment. Employers that provide indoor summer work for teens might also include grocery store chains, government offices, and law offices. Bowling alleys and movie theaters are also excellent places to apply.

Outdoor Summer Jobs

Pool lifeguard

Let’s be honest, most teens would rather be in the sun during the summer than cooped up inside of a building just like they are throughout the school year. Help the teen create fun in the sun while earning money possible by introducing them to outdoor job possibilities.

One of the most popular and sought after jobs for those who live near water is that of a lifeguard. This job bears great responsibility and can develop skills that they use the rest of their life. They must be certified, and there are several agencies that can provide the training, such as the American Red Cross, or YMCA, or there may be local facilities that also provide certification. One the good aspects of the training is learning CPR, and how to use a defibrillator (AED). I see AEDs at most public places now, so it’s good for your child to know how to use one at any location.

Working as a lifeguard is also a great way to work on a tan while earning a paycheck. Friends can still be present at the beach or pool, and chat from time to time, and the teen will receive plenty of attention from others teens their age range.

Other fun in the sun jobs to consider are being a swim instructor, giving boating tours, mowing lawns, or working on a landscaping crew.

As this might be their first time applying, expect to be there to give advice, walk the applicant through the process, and tell them how to dress at an interview. In addition they will need to know how to fill out the application, and what to say when meeting with the manager. Remember that this can be nerve wracking for a first time job seeker. Remind the teen applying for the summer job that showing up on time means ten minutes early, already perfectly dressed, and calling in sick is almost unheard of for this age group. Prep them by staging a fake interview in your home so that you can catch any issues that they present during the interview session, and overall just remember to make the experience memorable and fun.

About the Author

Jane Warren, www.towabletubesdirect.com

Jane Warren is a water sports enthusiast who swims, scuba dives, goes boating & sailing, and rides towable boat tubes. Out of this love of water sports, Jane publishes the website TowableTubesDirect.com where she provides information and reviews on boating water sports equipment including GPS, towable tubes, skis, wakeboards, kayaks, and water trampolines. Some of the brands she has reviewed include Garmin, Sportsstuff boat tubes, Airhead/ Kwik Tek towables, and Body Glove. One of the best inflatable boat tubes this season is the Sportsstuff Super Mable towable, which is great for teens. The Garmin GPS Map 76 waterproof portable GPS is a favorite with the boating crowd.

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