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~ Fun Summer Ideas For You And Your Family ~

8 Unique Outdoor Games for Kids

Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Family Fun, import | Leave A Comment

outdoorsAlthough much anticipated, summer break can seem like an eternity for kids.  Below is a list of fun ideas to keep your little one occupied all summer long. And remember: summertime or weekend activities don’t have to be elaborate. Penny Warner’s book Kids’ Outdoor Parties contains a multitude of great ways to get your child outside and active.


Big Foot Relay

This game requires two shoeboxes (per child), tape and scissors.  Have your child tape the lids onto the boxes.  Then, cut a one-inch wide and four-inch long slit on both tops. Have the participants slip their feet into the slits and race.


Batty Bowling

Have your child find a number of zany or silly items that can be easily knocked over by a ball, such as cups, action figures, books, cereal boxes and a bathroom trash can. Line them up like you would bowling pins and let your child try to knock them over with a beach ball, tennis ball or golf ball.


Name-It Ball

Have all of the participants make a circle and give one player a rubber bouncy ball. Let one of the players pick a category like “breakfast cereals.”  The kids will start passing the ball to other members of the circle. When a child receives the ball, they must name off a breakfast cereal (Rice Krispies, Captain Crunch, Cookie Crisp, Lucky Charms, etc.) If a member of the circle receives the ball but cannot name off a breakfast cereal, they are out of that round. They are also “out” if they hold the ball for too long or repeat an item that another player has said already. Be sure to remind them that they have a million chances to win with other categories, like candy bars, board games and pop stars.


Frisbee Tower

Get together a bunch of small Frisbees and put them in a pile in the middle of the yard. Have the participants divide up the Frisbees until they all have an even amount. The game starts with the first player putting his or her Frisbee on the ground. The next player will place his or her Frisbee on top of the first and so on and so forth. This continues until the tower gets too heavy and falls over.


Blind Walk

This game requires a bandana or something to make a blindfold with, as well as a variety of objects to make the obstacle course. Make an obstacle course with any household or outdoor items (garden hose, watering can, buckets, etc.) from one end of the yard to the other. Allow the children to scan the obstacle course for a few seconds and have them walk blindfolded through the course, one by one.


Pick Pocket Tag

This game, also known as “flag tag,” requires several strips of cloth. Have each child stick a strip of cloth in their back pockets. The players should try to collect as many cloth strips from other players as they can. The player with the most strips at the end of the game wins.


Kill the Cockroach

Split the participants up into two teams and have each team form a line. Place an odd object – sock, empty can, plastic cup, etc. – in front of both starting players. They should kick the object all the way across the yard until they reach the finish line. The person who gets there first scores a point for his or her team.


Drag the Body

This game isn’t as sinister as it sounds. Divide the participants up into two teams, providing each team with a blanket. Instruct a player from each team to lie down on the blanket. The teams will drag the person on the blanket to one end of the yard, trying to beat the other team to the finish line.


Gather the neighborhood kids and get outside.  Your fun ideas will quickly get you voted coolest neighborhood parent – a unanimous opinion from parents and kids alike!

Blogger Doug Adams loves spending time with his family.  This summer, the family’s favorite outdoor activity is cornhole (this site provides their supplies).

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Summertime Fun With Your Family

Posted by on Feb 10, 2010 in Home & Family | Leave A Comment

This guest post is being shared by Carol Dell, one of our readers. 🙂

For a family, there is no time more exciting than holidays, birthdays, and the summer. Depending on how old your children are, or whether you and your significant other both work during the day, the summer can be very hectic or run smooth. I hope I can give you some tips to help you and your family have a remarkable, memorable summer, and hopefully hassle free.

By the time you know it, school will be starting up again. There are many fun activities to do during the summer that don’t require an enormous amount of cash. The first activity, which is almost a summer staple, is to either go swimming or visit a beach. Whether you own a pool, are a pool club member, or can pay to go to a local pool for a day, swimming is a great way to let the kids have fun in the sun.

If you are planning on going to a public pool, remember that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be the busiest days, so if your schedule allows it, try to go during the week. As mentioned before, another great way to spend a day with the kids is by going to the beach. If you’re within driving distance to a beach, this can be a perfect one time opportunity.

In order to save on costs, pack a lunch for your family beforehand. Enjoying sandwiches with your feet in the sand can be just as rewarding as going to a restaurant for lunch. On those really hot afternoons, devote a day to staying inside. Whether you decide to watch movies, play board games all day, partake in crafts, staying inside can break the routine of the stereotypical summer spent all outdoors.

A good way to add some education to your child’s summer would be to visit a museum, zoo, or aquarium. The admission prices will vary depending on where you choose to go, but the experience can definitely be rewarding. Just remember that certain features inside these attractions do cost extra, so it’s usually best to plan in advance and check the attraction’s website beforehand. This will give you a good overview of directions, hours, admission prices, and any other special features that may be available.

Whether you choose to go on vacation this summer, or stay at home, remember to try and make the best of it. You may work year round, but your children have worked pretty hard during the school year as well, and look forward to having a couple of months to themselves. Be safe, and have a great summer!

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