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~ Fun Summer Ideas For You And Your Family ~

Canvas Camping Tents Provide Hours of Cheap Summer Fun

Posted by on Feb 28, 2010 in Family Fun | Leave A Comment

Want an inexpensive way to keep your kids busy in the backyard all summer long? Unroll that old canvas tent sitting in your basement or garage and turn it into a playhouse! A tent is the perfect hideaway for kids and can be used as a playhouse, fort, school house, or backyard getaway, providing hours of imaginative play all summer long.

One of the nice things about using a tent made from canvas as opposed to nylon is that a canvas one feels more like an enclosed space for the kids. Since the material is heavier and is not easy to see through or to even hear through as much as nylon, it really feels like a playhouse with four walls and a roof where the kids are free to play games and explore inside without adults seemingly lurking nearby. Another great thing about using canvas, from an adult perspective, is that the material is breathable and most tents have mesh covered windows and doors to keep air flowing through the tent while keeping the bugs and the bees out.

There are many ways that kids can turn an old tent into a playhouse. They can set it up inside as a house or school with some small furniture, art supplies and toys. They can set it up as a fort or make the tent become “home base” during active games like tag and capture the flag. The tent can be transformed, taking them to any location the kids want to be, and can become something different each time they are in the mood to play.
The tent can also be used to make believe they are on a camping trip and the kids can dream up exotic or interesting locales where their travels take them to. Kids can make believe they are away on safari and the tent is surrounded by wild animals, or they can imagine themselves whisked away to a tropical island and the sand and surf are just outside their door. They can make believe they are camping out under the stars within the confines of the Grand Canyon, or they can pretend that they are at their favorite cousin’s house that they may not get to see too often.

There are many ways to keep kids occupied all summer long without it having to cost a fortune. By unrolling an old tent lying around, you can open up endless play possibilities without ever spending a dime.

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Camp Ground Spotlight: Corinth Recreation (AL)

Posted by on Apr 29, 2009 in Travel, Events & Things To Do | Leave A Comment

Located on Lake Lewis Smith in the Wm. B. Bankhead National Forest 6 miles east of Double Springs, AL. Campground requires 2 vehicle / 2 tent maximum per single site. An additional vehicle fee of $4.00 will be charged at arrival. First- come / first-serve sites available.

*Quiet Hours 10pm to 6am
*Gate hours open 9am to 6pm Sun-Thrus, 9am to 7pm F, S; After hours access is available.
*Modern restrooms; full hookups available
*Site must be occupied within first 24 hours or forfeit Annual Day Use Pass is available for $30.00 Day Use fee is $4.00 with a $.50 fee per person over six (6) people. Golden Age / Golden Access accepted, but cardholder MUST be present.

Campground is open from Mid-March – December 1.
Campground Phone number: 205-489-3165

Services & Amenities Within Facility:

* Boat Launch
* Dump Station
* Electrical Plug On Site
* Firewood
* Flush Toilet
* Grills
* Interpretive Programs
* Picnic Tables
* Restroom
* Water Faucets

*No alcohol allowed in park
*Pets must be leashed at all times
*Reservations must be made four days in advance
*2 night minimum on weekends
*3 night minimum on holidays
*Dump Station $5.00 per vehicle
*Ice $1.25/bag
*Firewood $4.00 per bundle

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