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~ Fun Summer Ideas For You And Your Family ~

8 Unique Outdoor Games for Kids

Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Family Fun, import | Leave A Comment

outdoorsAlthough much anticipated, summer break can seem like an eternity for kids.  Below is a list of fun ideas to keep your little one occupied all summer long. And remember: summertime or weekend activities don’t have to be elaborate. Penny Warner’s book Kids’ Outdoor Parties contains a multitude of great ways to get your child outside and active.


Big Foot Relay

This game requires two shoeboxes (per child), tape and scissors.  Have your child tape the lids onto the boxes.  Then, cut a one-inch wide and four-inch long slit on both tops. Have the participants slip their feet into the slits and race.


Batty Bowling

Have your child find a number of zany or silly items that can be easily knocked over by a ball, such as cups, action figures, books, cereal boxes and a bathroom trash can. Line them up like you would bowling pins and let your child try to knock them over with a beach ball, tennis ball or golf ball.


Name-It Ball

Have all of the participants make a circle and give one player a rubber bouncy ball. Let one of the players pick a category like “breakfast cereals.”  The kids will start passing the ball to other members of the circle. When a child receives the ball, they must name off a breakfast cereal (Rice Krispies, Captain Crunch, Cookie Crisp, Lucky Charms, etc.) If a member of the circle receives the ball but cannot name off a breakfast cereal, they are out of that round. They are also “out” if they hold the ball for too long or repeat an item that another player has said already. Be sure to remind them that they have a million chances to win with other categories, like candy bars, board games and pop stars.


Frisbee Tower

Get together a bunch of small Frisbees and put them in a pile in the middle of the yard. Have the participants divide up the Frisbees until they all have an even amount. The game starts with the first player putting his or her Frisbee on the ground. The next player will place his or her Frisbee on top of the first and so on and so forth. This continues until the tower gets too heavy and falls over.


Blind Walk

This game requires a bandana or something to make a blindfold with, as well as a variety of objects to make the obstacle course. Make an obstacle course with any household or outdoor items (garden hose, watering can, buckets, etc.) from one end of the yard to the other. Allow the children to scan the obstacle course for a few seconds and have them walk blindfolded through the course, one by one.


Pick Pocket Tag

This game, also known as “flag tag,” requires several strips of cloth. Have each child stick a strip of cloth in their back pockets. The players should try to collect as many cloth strips from other players as they can. The player with the most strips at the end of the game wins.


Kill the Cockroach

Split the participants up into two teams and have each team form a line. Place an odd object – sock, empty can, plastic cup, etc. – in front of both starting players. They should kick the object all the way across the yard until they reach the finish line. The person who gets there first scores a point for his or her team.


Drag the Body

This game isn’t as sinister as it sounds. Divide the participants up into two teams, providing each team with a blanket. Instruct a player from each team to lie down on the blanket. The teams will drag the person on the blanket to one end of the yard, trying to beat the other team to the finish line.


Gather the neighborhood kids and get outside.  Your fun ideas will quickly get you voted coolest neighborhood parent – a unanimous opinion from parents and kids alike!

Blogger Doug Adams loves spending time with his family.  This summer, the family’s favorite outdoor activity is cornhole (this site provides their supplies).

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Water Sports From Around The Globe

Posted by on Jun 9, 2010 in Family Fun | Leave A Comment

Imagine a trip to the beach or lake without some type of water sports involved! There are countless types of equipment designed for pulling behind boats to create fun for the entire family. Skiing still ranks as the top competition sport, but water ski tubes are wonderful for children and adults of all ages.

So, what is going on out there that is new and exciting? Read on.

A noncompetitive sport that is thought to have originated in New Zealand lends itself to the towable venue but requires more skill than the water tubes and floats. The combination of water skiing and surfing produce what is known as skurfing, which is akin to the American sport of wakeboarding.

Allan Byrne and Kevin Jarrett are believed to have been the first to use a modified surfboard pulled behind a motor craft in the early 1980’s. Byrne lent the Skurf board to Jeff Darby who began to produce it with some friends. Later, their design was produced under royalty by Tony Finn, from San Diego, a surfer who was erroneously given credit for the invention. Bruce McKee and Mitchell Ross manufactured the first plastic molded skurfboard named the McSki, which changed to the SSS ski board, and finally settled on the name Wake-snake in Australia. The board featured adjustable foot-straps, a concave tunnel underneath, and a fin at the rear.

In 1984, the same two men, having negotiated with a company in the United States, launched the American version called Surf-ski. Tony Finn was at the show for the release of the Surf-ski and went on to negotiate with Darby for the rights to produce it under the Skurfer name.

Skurfing is still more popular in Australia than the United States, but it is catching on fast. Although it is a non-competition sport, the freestyle pastime has many highly individualized forms. There are primarily two different types of skurfing, because of the board. Noseriding is skurfing on a long surfboard;the freestyle includes turns,
cutbacks, even spins. Boards have various designs, some with dual fins, and some with none at all, which require more balance.

What about the times when you are loafing along the shore and you’re not being pulled around behind the boat? What kind of activities can you associate with water sports besides swimming and diving? Check out another import to the states.

In the late 1990’s, Jan von Heland of Sweden was experimenting with a Frisbee, throwing it upside on the water trying to get it to bounce. This led him to brainstorm about an object that would do just that. He began to experiment with different materials and compositions.

Heland eventually came up with a ball that would bounce off the water. He patented it the Waboba, which stands for “water bouncing ball.” It took him several years to perfect the ball, and then it took off on the Australian and Swedish beaches. Recently it has entered Europe and the United States.

The ball spawned the game by the same name, which is played in shallow water to allow the players to toss the ball down and out to get it to bounce. Waboba is a team sport in which points are awarded by bouncing the ball to teammates.

Each team has at least two players. The person with the ball attempts to bounce the ball to a teammate while the other team attempts to intercept. The ball must bounce at least once between teammates for the catch to be legal. When a team has successfully passed to every member without interruption, they receive a point.

Of course, the other team attempts to do the same thing if they can intercept the ball. Players must also pass the ball within five seconds of receiving it or forfeit. The defensive team can tackle opposing players as long as they do not tackle the one with the ball. Holding another player is not allowed.

The special ball is about the same density as water and floats when not in use. The ball is not made for use on land and hard surfaces, but it will take rough handling in the water. There are a few versions of the ball, some larger and some lighter.

There’s an official Waboba site, with videos, blog and comments from different boating and sporting groups. So check out something new this summer!

What kind of water sports do you do that other people might not know about? When the weather’s getting hot, it’s time to cool yourself in the most natural and fun way you can.

There is simply no excuse not to have fun at the beach with the wide variety of recreational products for the water available today. Whether it’s a game, a sport, or riding on a towable tube, there is fun to be had. Suit up, and cool off.

About The Author

Jane Warren is a water sports enthusiast who swims, scuba dives, goes boating & sailing, and rides and pulls towable water tubes. She spends 6 months of the year at the beach in Grand Cayman, or other natural water locations. During that time, Jane has plenty of opportunity to enjoy the water, and always has plenty of friends and family who visit, and want to be out on the boat, riding around or being more active!

Out of this love of water sports, Jane publishes the website TowableTubesDirect.com where she provides information and reviews on water sports equipment including towable tubes, skis, wakeboards, kayaks, and water trampolines. Some of the brands she has reviewed include Sportsstuff, Aquaglide water tubes, and Rave Sports, and Airhead. One of the most popular boat ski tubes this season is the Multipsport inflatable, a great versatile tube for towing, windsurfing, and kayaking.

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Fun Things To Do In The Summer

Posted by on Feb 1, 2010 in Family Fun | Leave A Comment

When thinking about what to do with the kids during the summer, many different ideas can come to mind. Family time is both beneficial for the adult and the child because it creates a great bonding experience along with the fun involved. Activities can cost little to no money, or involve a little bit of cash on behalf of the parent. Activities that cost little to no money are ideal for most families, especially if money is an issue.

Simple outings to the park, beach or even to a local pool can be loaded with fun for the kids. When going to the park, you can engage in many different games such as Frisbee, soccer, baseball or even a simple game like tag. Try to create a game of your own with your kids so that they feel even more involved in the process. At the beach you can play beach volleyball, catch or build a sand castle or sculpture. At the pool you can have the same kind of activities and you can also have races for prizes or simply relax with a nice swim. Picnics are also very enjoyable for the whole family and these can be held almost anywhere from parks to beaches.

Aerobie Pro – The World’s Best Flying Ring – Frisbee!



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Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Mollie and Bollie Pail

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138C Maxam 29pc Picnic Set in Cooler Bag

Set includes: 4 stainless steel forks, 4 stainless steel knives, 4 stainless steel spoons, 4-9″ melamine plates, 4 plastic goblets, 4 cotton napkins,…


If money isn’t an issue, there are hundreds of things to do with the kids. Amusement parks are a great investment for fun. Whether you are going on the roller coasters or just playing the arcade games, the kids are definitely going to have a blast. Another great activity for the summer is going to the water park. Here, the kids will have a blast. Not only will they have fun but it is a nice way to cool down in the summer heat. Outdoor events are also very fun to experience. Concerts or outdoor movies are very fun to do in the summertime, especially if you are a fan of films and entertainment.

Vacations can also be quite the experience for both the children and the adults. Whether you go to a sunny tropical spot, a nice European trip or even a cruise, all three will create memories that will last a lifetime for the children. In all, there are many different activities for a family to have in the summer heat.

You do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money to have fun, even though it will give more options. One key thing to remember is to be safe and just enjoy the summer!

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