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~ Fun Summer Ideas For You And Your Family ~

Summer Coloring Pages

Posted by on Aug 2, 2008 in Family Fun | Leave A Comment

Here’s a bunch of summer coloring pages you can print out for your kids. 🙂

Palm Tree
Sun and Glasses
Another Sun
Another Gardening
Swimming Pool
Beach Umbrella

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Printable Summer Activity Book

Posted by on Jul 14, 2008 in Family Fun | Leave A Comment

Print out this fantastic summer activity book for your kids! There’s crosswords, tic tac toe, find-a-word, color by numbers and more. 🙂

~~~** Printable Activity Book **~~~
Thanks to Printables4Kids!

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Create A Kid’s Summer Journal

Posted by on Jul 12, 2008 in Family Fun | Leave A Comment

Are you looking for a special way for your child or grandchild to record summer memories? These handpicked journals are a perfect for summer vacations and travel! Store them away in a safe, dry place when they’re complete and when your kids are older, pull them out and take a stroll down memory lane with them. 🙂

A Kid’s Summer EcoJournal: With Nature Activities for Exploring the Season

There is an EcoJournal for each of the four seasons. A Kid’s Summer EcoJournal invites kids to write about nature on pages exquisitely illustrated by…


Kids Suitcase Travel Journal

Deanna Halsall’s cover illustration of a packed-to-the-rim suitcase gives a clue to what’s inside Mudpuppy’s Suitcase Kids’ Travel Journal: a suggested…


All About Me, Revised Edition: A Keepsake Journal for Kids

Journal for children with thought-starter writing prompts


Kids Writing Journal

Who knew that writing could be so cool? Kid’s Writing Journal has 365 creative, short journal-writing ideas with inspiring quotations by famous people…


Kid Stuff, My First Journal – Kraft Hard Cover (prompts on every page, recycled paper, read more…)

Help your child remember all of life’s journeys with this easy to fill-in format. It’s never to early to begin to journal! Each of our journals are complete…


This is Me – A Kid’s First Keepsake Journal

The This is Me journal combines drawing, writing, creativity and simple scrapbooking to capture the year s memories through your child s eyes. Pre-writers…


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