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~ Fun Summer Ideas For You And Your Family ~

Use A Citrus Juicer For Your Lemonade Stand!

Are your kids interested in running a lemonade stand this summer? Whether or not you have allowed them to do this, may have depended on if you have a lemon juicer or citrus juicer available. It is a daunting idea to juice enough lemons to make lemonade enough to sell by the jug or cup, and no doubt you have thought of this when your kids thought they might like to run a lemonade booth, because you, the parent, may end up juicing the lemons yourself, or perhaps helping when the kids gets bored (which does happen, of course) or when their hands get tired from all that fruit juicing.

Therefore, you might want to think about which kind of citrus juicer would be right for the job. There is the simple lemon reamer, which will turn juice out of your lemons with a simple twist, where you hold the lemon in your hand and the reamer int he other hand, turn it around a few times while pushing the fruit half onto the juicer and you will get plenty of juice out.

Then there is the citrus press, which by way of force and a lever will bring the juicing mechanism into the fruit half and squeeze a lot of juice from your fruit. This will probably be easier on your hands then the reamer, because of course you would not need to twist it. It is only operated by the lever, so kids will probably find it easier too.

Then there are electric citrus juicers. If you want to use one of these then it will make it much easier for everyone involved, because it will either press, masticate or turn in such a way that the juice gets out of the fruit without you needing to do any manual work. Usually the push of a button or at most you may have to hold the fruit lightly in place.

When you have made your lemon juice with whichever juicer contraption you chose, you can then dissolve sugar in water or use a glucose syrup mixture, mix with the lemon juice, mix with water to taste, and chill. Get glasses together or plastic cups if the children are small, and straws, and if you like cut some slivers of lemon with a slice into the middle that can sit over the edge of the cup. Then, let your kids decorate the stall and set up a sign or a poster advertising the stall. Your kids will be sure to get some customers because in this day and age, real fresh lemon juice is pretty hard to come by! Most of all, encourage your kids to have fun!

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